Mitring the Joints

Posted: 18th June 2010 by Nigel in Bamboo Bike, The Build, Working with Bamboo

To ensure a strong frame, you need to mitre the joints well, and it is a fairly challenging process. When you join two square objects, it is pretty straight forward. You just cut a straight line and bam! you are good to go. Joining two tubes is more complicated, since you have to cut a curve into one so that they fit. When those tubes are different sizes, not perfectly round, and several join together at different angles, things get a little tricky. For this stage in the build I relied on my good friend Nicholas McFarlane and his dad John, who have a basement full of wood tools and a great deal of expertise.

After a little brain storming, we decided to use a drill press. By using a hole cutting bit, we were able to drill a hole the size of the tube to be joined to and at the correct angle. Since the angles were all fairly rough, and I was cutting everything over length to allow for fine tuning later, the process only took an hour or two once I got going (after some excellent training from the McFarlane’s of course). Essentially the steps are as follows:

1. measure the size of the tube to be joined to and select the right bit size

2. measure the angle and set up that angle on the drill press

3. drill out the desired hole size at the desired angle

Next I had to measure it all up again, and file by hand to create a perfect fit. This took a long long time. Seriously, it took a while. But in the end, I think did a pretty good job.

  1. Allan M. Cayanan says:

    I always wanted to build my bamboo bike and I’m glad I found your site.This i a great inspiration and thank you so much for sharing this.

    Allan from Philippines