Posted: 21st May 2010 by Nigel in Bamboo Bike, Getting Organized

Once I did more research into my different options, it has become evident that I need to have very clear goals about what I am trying to achieve. This will allow me to make clear choices regarding frame design and components, among other things. I have come up with the following priorities, in no particular order.

  • Sustainable – It is very important to me that I keep sustainability in mind during the decision making process. For me, this means using used components, locally sourced materials when possible, and minimizing waste.
  • Responsive yet compliant – As an avid cyclist, I know I won’t be happy with a frame with too relaxed of geometry. However, The purpose of this bike is to navigate city streets on trips generally less than 5km, so stiff frame with full track geometry is overkill. My goal will be to strike a balance between compliance and performance.
  • Unattractive to thieves – I feel that by its very nature, a bamboo bike won’t be a hot ticket item for thieves since it will be a real challenge to sell, plus I will build it up with lower end components to make sure that it won’t be worth taking a wood saw to the frame to get at the bits and pieces.
  • Simple and overbuilt – Since I won’t have access to my tools at Oxford, I intend to build up the bike to be as simple as possible: fixed gear with a flip-flop hub, front brake, flat bars, larger tires, and an overbuilt frame.