Donor Bike

Posted: 23rd May 2010 by Nigel in Bamboo Bike, Gathering Parts

I picked up my donor bike this weekend. She’s a beauty I grabbed off of craigslist. It has changed hands twice already, but has only been on the road a couple times since it was built in 2009 so it’s in great shape. It’s a Kona Paddy Wagon, which is an entry level fixed gear/single speed. My major complaint is that it doesn’t have a sealed bottom bracket, but it will do the job. I paid $400 (as compared to a new price of over $800), and I figure I can sell the components I don’t use for more than $200.

I had to drive out to Fort Langley to pick up the bike, so I figured I would take the opportunity to do a ride over the new Golden Ears Bridge. Plus it was a gorgeous day!

  1. You definitely had a great deal here. Happy riding.